The Beta Journal
Highlights of Information on the BJ


  • Find the latest sorority news for online and land chapters
  • List your chapters items in the Beta Shoppe or buy from a list of sisters working on their Ways and Means ventures
  • Get ideas and information in regard to pledge training in the Strawberry Patch
  • Learn about our sorority history past and present through the e-edition archive
  • View those dearly departed sisters pictures and chapter tributes or add one or more of your own.
  • Inquire about an online chapter or apply for one if you are currently a member.  If not, ask how you can become a member and then apply to an online chapter.
  • Obtain past and present theme art for your yearbook, programs or scrapbook
  • Download a number of installations, programs or forms in the file cabinet.
  • Submit your YARDSTICK online
  • Programs used to be ordered online through the Beta Journal and now are downloadable in their entire form at
  • Add your link to the list of Council, Chapter and Member Links
  • See our past and present traveling mascots
  • Legacies sign up for newsletter and Online Chapter On Line Alpha Alpha
  • See what the Cyber Council is doing
  • Sign Up to be a Sheltering Sister or inquire about a sisters place to stay in the event of weather related destructive event and you or your loved ones need a place to stay.

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